CPRA™ is the world’s fastest growing profession and in today’s ever-changing business environment, organizations demand multi-skilled individuals who can manage far more than their predecessors. On satisfactory completion of this program you will receive your certification from the American Global Academy of Finance Management (GAFM), which is recognized in over 150 countries. You will then be able to use the designation CPRA™ on your business cards and resume.


  • Apply strategic thinking to tactical communication initiatives.
  • Develop and execute creative, strategic corporate communications campaigns.
  • Effectively manage the media and handle difficult media inquiries.
  • Re-coup from bad public relations and image crises.
  • Successfully incorporate social media with current communication programs
  • Recognize the importance of encouraging your organization to be outward-facing
  • Review your current public relations performance, and audit your communications develop a public relations strategy
  • Use your current communications more effectively, and identify new opportunities