Compensation and benefits is an emotive area, not only for the organizations but also for the employees. 

Establishing and managing a reward structure is one of the critical cornerstones of the human resource department. It is extremely important to design the right reward package that supports the business goals. 

This program helps the HR professionals understand the importance of compensation and benefits in such a way that they are able to understand the intricacies, basic reward system, the global trends in compensation and benefits and are able to link pay with performance for better planning. 

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to source well-structured and reasonable compensation and benefits schemes that operate effectively, provide the best value to the organization and structure remuneration schemes. 

By attending this workshop you’ll learn:

❖    Understand the role of compensation globally

❖    Understand the components of a compensation system

❖    Understand the steps of how to build effective variable pay systems

❖    Learn how to build a point plan and a job grading system to create internal equity

❖    Understand how globalization, sociological and demographic changes effect compensation

❖    Understand how to create different levels of salary benchmarks

❖    Learn how reward planning can be used to cut compensation costs

❖    Become an accredited Certified Compensation and Benefits Manager by GAFM